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About us

Who We Are

Intertractor Ltd. was founded in 2012 and has become one of the leaders in spare parts supplying field.

We are mainly focused on such brands as HITACHI, KOMATSU and HYUNDAI. Besides we would be happy to help our clients to find other parts, like SHANTUI, CATERPILLAR, DOOSAN, VOLVO, NEW HOLLAND etc.

Highly Professional Team

Successful development of any enterprise directly depends on experience and expert knowledge of the people involved in. Thus, the founders of our company have been working with spare parts for over 15 years. This fact guarantees high quality services to our clients.

Easy-to-use Online System

We do the utmost to provide individual approach to every client, and also for trusted clients we created online-check system for quick search and one-click-order of spare parts.

Direct Relationships whith Suppliers: Domestic and Foreign

To give our customers the best price we work directly with suppliers all round the world including such countries as: UK, US, Italy, South Korea, China.

Our Clients

Our clients are mostly owners and end-users of heavy machines. We as well cooperate with other trading companies.

By now we have built partner relations with more than 300 regular customers.

Our Warehouses

We are constantly improving our product range, trying to make it diverse and always keep as many parts as possible in stock. To make it all real we formed 2 huge warehouses: one located in Yekaterinburg, the other is in Moscow. Total quantity of items there is over 10 000.

Special Orders

Often some spare part cannot be easily found in stock. In such cases we may help you to deliver it directly from foreign supplier in shortest time.

Beneficial Partnership

At present Intertractor Ltd. is a brand-new, rapidly developing company. We are constantly working on improving the quality of service and increasing the product range.

Choosing us, you choose business partner, whom you can rely an anytime!

Information for suppliers:
Import Department Intertractor Ltd.

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Официальный дистрибьютор USCO ITR (Италия)
Официальный дистрибьютор KM Products Europe Ltd (Великобритания)
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